About Us

  Vasilios, director of Transporta 1 Ltd, has been involved in the TV and Film industry for many years. The constant piles of bags of waste left at every location concerned him - there must be a better way. After assessing many options he concluded that a partnership with Biffa Waste was the way forward and Totally Wasted was born.

From this small acorn of an idea the mighty oak of Totally Wasted has grown. We offer you a unique service: the recycling centre is delivered to your location!!

No longer is the waste simply bagged up and left on the street to be collected. Through our green recycling scheme all waste can be allocated to the relevant wheelie bins (throughout the shoot and on wrap) and taken, by us, to a local waste recycling depot. Not only can you add a more efficient waste management system to your production but also :

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Recycle
  • Help towards your Albert Plus sustainable certification

How does it work? Simply phone/text 07958 601054 or email info@totallywasted.co.uk, to arrange delivery and collection of the wheelie bins and leave the rest to us!!

Our Services

Delivery and collection of wheelie bins to and from your location, using small fuel efficient vehicles, and reduce fuel miles, at times suitable to yourselves. Your waste is them taken to be processed at Biffa’s waste processing facilities.

General waste wheelie bins, these bins are to accommodate the material that cannot be dry recycled, but this waste has a further part to play in Biffa sustainability program.

The Dry Recycling wheelie bins, these bins are to accommodate materials that can be recycled at our Edmonton recycling facility, so reducing the fuel miles needed to transport your waste. The bins are clearly labelled to aid waste management.

Dry recycled waste is taken locally to the state of the art facility at Biffa Edmonton, so that the materials can be recycled and help towards the circular economy, ( please see the video below to explain how Biffa accomplishes this ).

General Waste wheelie bins, with the growth of the Rubbish derived fuel increasingly waste destined for land fill is now being diverted to produce energy. With the increasing capacity in this field it is hoped that soon all general waste will be used to generate energy.